Online Store

Spedazone have their own store located at Senawang N.Sembilan as what you know.Other than that,We made online purchase website for customer that cant afford to visit our store and it’s more easy to find and get what you want.Everything you will get from our online store.

If you buy online you will buy at a cheaper price than in-store. we provide a discounted price for each of these purchases.

For any question and info that you want from us you can directly contact with us:

+60125694110 (Yana)
+60129174110 (Zac)
+60173570373 (Peot)

  • SPEDAZONE is located in Senawang, Negri Sembilan. Approximately 45 minutes’ drive to Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia. Outdoor recreation is very popular in the area; there are bicycle friendly country roads leading to hills and country roads, as well as an extensive array of mountain biking trails for the more adventurous. Located at the entrance to Senawang city, SPEDAZONE is in a premier location to be the major supplier of bicycles, accessories, and repair services to all walks of life. The store is 1,500 sq. ft. of interior space with basement and open air parking space adjacent to the heavily trafficked road. New and used bicycles are displayed in this space. Several new bikes are displayed as well as a visual draw. All are secured with lock and cable for bicycle displayed outside the shop. As a service to all cyclists, a hose from the air compressor and a pressure gauge are present under the overhang next to the sidewalk. This primes the pump for quite a bit of spontaneous walk-in business.